Archive | October, 2012
25 Oct

After a busy/stressful month, back to working on projects.

snapped a drill bit drilling axially in to the end of oil pump drive shaft using lathe, but lucky it didn’t get stuck in the hole. hole taped, and now have 35 tooth gear mounted on oil pump. I’ll probably just add glue if it does slip under power. Waiting for the RTV liquid gasket to set again.

Used paper to “shim” the gap between motor shaft and the worm- it’s not a tight fit so will need to add glue. Now on to making the frame to mount the DC motor to the oil pump.


Oil pump arrives

1 Oct

Motorbike oil pump turned up last week, and I had a little time to work with it this weekend. Before going to all the hassle of making a proper cover plate- made a temporary cover out of mild steel sheet and epoxied pipe elbows in place for the oil ports. Hoping RTV flexible gasket will provide some sealing, but oil will probably leak oil all over the place. So long as some goes where it’s supposed to ie over the atomising tube, I really don’t mind. Any spillage will go back into a sump, just the same as the overflow from the atomizing tube. After a bit of struggle managed to get the gear removed from the drive shaft, so for initial test runs, motive power will be via an electric drill chucked on the drive shaft.

If that goes well I’ll then have an idea what kind of revs will be needed for the pump, and can calculate some pulley ratios. A final cover plate should really hold the driving motor too. That ratio will be needed to set the approximate distance between pump shaft and motor shaft.