16 Dec

Lots being going on here, but once again not much in workshop 😦

Inspired somewhat by Mekanizmalar’s you-tube animations I’ve been looking again at an old idea…

Phase Adjustment Mechanism

My mechanism uses epicyclic gears, as that is a compact way of introducing a phasing angle to a shaft and/or cranks. As I’ve drawn the mechanism power is sent in via a drive gear, and it ends up exiting at the ball joints on the planet carriers. With the drive gear, and one lever fixed in place, I hope it can be seen how moving the free lever, results in the planet carrier nearest it rotating. That’s altered the phasing between the planet carriers, and similar happens when the drive gear is rotated.

If mechanism is powered and neither lever is moving, driving a ram from the eccentric mounted ball joints, will result in output from the rams that is a sine wave. The only difference between the motion of the rams is one might lag between the other.

Possibly to “sum” the motion of the rams using a bar as per Mekanizmalar’s animation here. It also possible to sum the motion of the rams hydrologically, if the rams act as a pair of pistons working a single common chamber as a pump. When both rams are moving into the chamber together (0 deg phase) the effective stroke is twice that of a single ram. If the rams are 180 deg out of phase, (their motion is mirrored, ie one ram “up”, other “down”) then the effective stroke is 0.


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